The time is upon me once more to do more, say more, and in the doing and saying perhaps a pattern emerges. A police whiteboard full of snippets of activity, each scene meticulously analyzed and various characters prattling on with some impressive sounding 'scientific' diatribe. Models who look like they just got out of a salon who enjoy hanging out with cadavers saying some pretty witty things :).

However I do enjoy the no frills thrills of simply writing because I can, and I ought, and I shall. There's far too many imposters who hack talent and convince the clueless lotus eaters (snowflakes) of their wild talents. I think most of these kids actually think they have the X gene and should be studied and experimented upon to realize their dreams of being an enhanced human with mutant powers. These imposters I allude to are the instagram poets who write the kind of trash that tugs at the heartstrings of mallrat princesses who live on Instagram. Just because you don't get poetry or any other literary format doesn't mean dumbing down of it is right. There's a reason poetry is a stringent world because too many of us write bad poems and we need a quality control check, otherwise the art suffers and any person can come along and be declared 'genius'.